Zach Schepis
New Year's Week - We culled a list of the best concerts to bring in the New Year so that you don’t have to.
On bustin’ out of rural America into the roaring West of Americana.
This week is the Western Americana rompers The Patti Fiasco, featuring an interview with songwriter Alysia Kraft
From Tamagotchis to OJ slammin’, the young MC from Auckland rose out of nowhere.
How one of Mexico’s greatest rock bands rose from the ashes.
This week we feature Porter, one of the greatest Mexican-rock bands, and speak with Victor Valverde
Winter Week – A “cuddle shop” in Oregon could forever change the way we open up to strangers.
On recording Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’ and world travels.
We interview Floating Action's Seth Kauffman about working with Lana Del Rey and being "the most underrated person in music"
Reminiscence on singing in church, singing through loss, and playing naked bass.
Some words on staying mysterious and driving across the UK with Fatboy Slim.
Scarcity Week - Opinion: Social labeling is a danger that keeps us from seeing the truth in one another.
Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week on the show I'm featuring the LA-trio Tashaki Miyaki, a dreamy psychedelic lo-fi experience brought to you by Lucy (drums), Rocky (guitar), and Dora (bass).
Comedy Week - We talk with BTR’s Spit Take Comedy podcast host George Flanagan about his days as a stand-up comedian.
A word about waiting for inspiration, going electric, and humans as bonsai trees.
This week we interview Simone Stevens from Bonsai about personal songwriting, inspiration, and going electric
Scarlett Johansson’s role on creative inspiration and why Baltimore rocks.
Stuffed Week - Researcher Pablo Vidal discusses how the press twisted his scientific study.
Post-dance and the transcendence of language barriers.
An interview with Corey Mastrangelo, guitar player in the post-dance-rock group Vasudeva
Makeshift Week - BTR talks to a STOMP performer about the makeshift-musical-instrument production.
Bringing the country to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond.
We talk with LA country music artist Chase Byrne about God's relationship advice, the importance of laughter, and sorority parties
On the difference between playing in NYC and Australia, and working with a Grammy-winning producer.
Obstacle Week - Is social media an obstacle to memory?
How a rotating cast of drop-ins at a San Francisco club became the afrobeat talk of the town.
Playing the music of and speaking to Afrolicious founder Joe "Pleasuremaker" McGuire
Cyber Week - Places in the world where you definitely can’t update your online status.
Cyber Week - Opinion: The “cyber wars” are raging, but what constitutes a winner?
Warning: This interview contains content that may be deemed inappropriate for some readers.
Unexpected Week - The mysterious rooftop pigeon flyers of NYC stand their ground.
Anti-Social Week – An omega-3 study shows the acid may change the behavior of both children and adults alike.
From Lou Reed to Werner Herzog, 'Dookie', and the art of not-practicing.
Future Week - The ancient Chinese eating utensil finds new digital powers of detection.
Fine Lines Week - Part II: More behind NYC’s Fineline Tattoo.
Fine Lines Week – Part I: The art and changing tattoo industry is exhibited in NYC’s longest-standing tattoo shop.
Getting psychedelic without the “psychedelic."
Debt Week - Former Rolling Stone writer and urban-living specialist James Howard Kunstler talks about suburbia’s future.
On the transmutation of darkness to light, missing vowels, and the danger of love.
Emotion Week - What’s really more important--reason or emotion?
Something that sounds like nighttime, something that sounds like the middle of nowhere.
Share Week - A hopeful rebellion for the homeless, the down-and-out, and the street nomads to protect their homes.
Binge Week - The best kind of aftershock that a binge can leave behind.
Trending Week - Examining the devastating debt looming over our island commonwealth.
We talk with record label founder Robbie Pfeiffer about the Phoenix music scene and the unrelenting enemies of technology and time.
Photo Week - Part II: A look beyond the shadows into the underground of community photo development.
Photo Week - Part I: A look beyond the shadows into the underground of community photo development.
York’s finest explore the art of creating “shitty” pop.
Hero Week - How we continue to keep the legacy of banned books alive.
We talk with the Grammy-winning musician about the Skatalites, reggae, and teaching Regina Spektor.
Five of the most ridiculous combinations of physical activities out there.
Drum parties, Russian music pirates, and why the sax reigns king
The Camino Nuevo Charter School Academy in Los Angeles has a remarkable new philosophy towards helping students through trauma.
The best in album-oriented cover bands and indie side projects that the internet (and beyond) has to offer.
Chris Chaisson, frontman for the beloved Massachusetts trio, chats about wearing your influences on your sleeve, perseverance, and making a kickass record.
A look into the hypnotizing world of digital media and what it means to enter “the machine zone”.
The case against putting trigger warnings on classic literature.
What do bath tubs, folkloric beasts, and Jerry Garcia all have in common?
Exploring some of the most iconic and underground examples of abandoned architecture.
The science behind one of our most intimate forms of connection.
On vibing hard and enjoying the ‘finerest' things in life… man.
A look inside the controversial up-and-coming beverage of powdered alcohol.
Two West-Coast twin-sisters share their musical journey and how songs can be gifts
Your beer might contain questionable ingredients you’ve never known about.
Meet new people with common interests through the innovative mobile app ONE.
Chanting, free associating, realizing the importance of jingle-writing aesthetic and why it’s always possible to get weirder.
Some of the greatest contemporary artists of a tried-and-true musical genre that will assuredly stand the test of time.
Roaming the space highways with some good friends, funk, and the ghost of James Brown.
The birth of 'altcoins' and some advice on investing wisely.
In the Wild West of cryptocurrencies, "alternative" internets and new competition strives to eschew the dollar bill.
Mickey Hart and a leading neuroscientist team up to explore virtual reality, music, and the brain.
A psychic birth of pop melodies.
A conversation with the director of the largest independent film archive in the world.
Masturbating to Miley Cyrus, citrus fruit tunes, and why the pop music well will never run dry.
How we can attempt to foster healthy relationships with marriage in decline.
Why house keys may very well become an obsolete security device.
A look into emerging services, discretion, and why Utah loves its adult entertainment.
Three musical brothers create some cosmic heavy tunes on their farm.
Human interest stories underscore a great amount of journalistic output, but what is its value?
Find out what’s on top of Brooklyn’s hometown psyche-heroes.
In continuing to grant patients more and more freedom we must learn how to choose.
Behind the petition to save Brooklyn's favorite DIY venue.
BTR tunes into the noise-rock mind behind music’s favorite plant.