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[blip]video2[/blip] This week on BTR Pulse, we ask whether tipping should be abolished. People share their opinions on tipping, raising the minimum wage, and whether they would still tip even if it was no longer necessary.
Grandchildren are a Philadelphia-based band with lots of a drums, keyboards, horns, and mind-boggling arrangements. This six member-strong group (Russell Brodie, Adam Katz, Aleks Martray, Tristan Palazzolo, Roman Salcic, and John Vogel) uses a collage style to weave together their unique electro-acoustic orchestral pop. They crammed themselves into our studio to play some tunes, swap instruments, and chat about how they pull this whole wonderful menagerie together.
Shark? return! Remember, it's not “Shark!” or “Shark” -- the question mark is important, asking "is it a shark?" every time (yes, just like their early tune/theme song, "Shark?"). Now that we're all caught up, let's take a look at these Brooklyn dudes. You'll quickly come to love Kevin Diamond's deadpan growl and nihilistic tales, Andy Kinsey's kick-you-in-the-teeth bass, and Andy Swerdlow's drum machine-come-to-life beats. And newcomer Jared Hiller shreds on guitar in a beautifully dirty way. While they've been a favorite of the local NYC scene for the past few years thanks to a healthy appreciation for beer (and fine wine!), clever cover song choices, and a not entirely tongue-in-cheek fixation on 90s pop culture (especially Jock Jams -- they must really love Jock Jams), the inclusion of their single, "California Grrls," in GTA V is liable to spread their fame a bit further. Honestly, it's about time. We love a good, fuzzy jam blasted out with deafening guitar noise and surf grooves, and between their EPs and now a couple of full length albums, Shark? has plenty of that to offer. Fans of Pixies, The Modern Lovers, The Replacements, The Beach Boys, and anything called punk before 1990 should stop screwing around and get into Shark? ASAP.
Just in time for President Obama's speech regarding his plan to improve the unemployment situation in the country, BTR has correspondents Lauren Hawker and Jess Westberg on the streets of Washington, DC, and New York City this week to ask people about their personal experience with finding and keeping a job. [blip]video2[/blip]
Poison Control Center is a quintessential rock ‘n’ roll band -- guitar rock with a healthy dose of showmanship. Says Travis: "Straight outta Ames, Iowa come The Poison Control Center. These tireless rockists have opened for Pavement and play hundreds of shows a year all over the country. Their shows are sweaty, visceral, anti-shoegaze fun-fests brimming with rock and roll abandon..." [blip]video2[/blip]
Radical Dads is a Brooklyn trio channeling 90s rock, with up-tempo, catchy tunes that will make you want to keep listening.