Chaz Mannenheim
COMEDY | Chaz Mannenheim is a man out of time - a reporter from a bygone era, here to learn about the world of today and remind us of the world he left behind.
Executive Producer
Recent Episodes
Join Chaz for his annual holiday preparations! Around the home and out on the wintery and festive streets of NYC, he’ll surely get you and yours in the most delightful of holiday spirits!
Chaz Mannenheim demonstrates the exciting, yet uncontrollable, power of his newest technological discovery!
Here for you, viewer, is a whirlwind review of Chaz Mannenheim's most outrageous and powerful moments, taken from his wartime radio broadcasts and all leading to his fateful transportation to our modern age.
Chaz Mannenheim sits down to give a vivid account of his experiences, both rural and urban, as a young man in the early 20th Century. Find out how the Newsman Of Yesteryear first became a newsman at all!
After finding himself overwhelmed by the influence of the modern era, Chaz Mannenheim, Newsman of Yesteryear, uses every tool at his disposal to regain the style, look, and sound of his 1940s self.
Chaz Mannenheim explores New York City for the first time since his arrival in the modern era.