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COMEDY | Brooke Comegys has opinions. Brooke Comegys has experiences. Brooke Comegys is going to tell you about her opinions and experiences.
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Brooke's style in this episode could be described as "depressed stream of consciousness." The reality of global warming has been setting in since she first saw AI: Artificial Intelligence, and just like Brooke's mom who doesn't want to be bothered during her naps, people don't care. This is distressing, and Brooke just really can't do it anymore.
Doctors suck… but they are also kind of awesome… but... they also give you bad news and sometimes take your blood. Brooke doesn't think she has what it takes to be a doctor. Her mind is all over the place today. Maybe because she's sick. She could probably use a doctor.
Brooke is spotted outside of her bathtub as she travels to Staten Island (less formally known as "the L.A. of New York”) for a visit to… another tub. Actor Justin James Lang graciously opened his heart and his bathroom so that he and Brooke could bitch about things that come up in this autumnal time of year, including but not limited to creepy things, halloween costumes, and the terrifying reality that there are people out there who would rather we not be true to ourselves. This episode is as deep as Justin's tub, which, if you look closely, is pretty deep. Music featured in this episode: "Golden Girl" by Ladyhawke
Brooke gets animated (and cranky) while sharing her disgust for movie sequels. The titles, the storylines, and the actors -- she's bitching about all of it. Don't worry, she'll be in a better mood next time (maybe?).  
Brooke and her doppelganger, Amber Nelson, are fully clothed in the tub to discuss an expansive array of topics. They cover politics, various and disgusting forms of human excrement, and how to hire a hitman. Amber assures Brooke that she could get away with murder -- a good time had by all!
Brooke gets personal and talks about the recurring themes of the stress dreams that plague her naps. She also describes her bi-weekly stops at the bodega for Bitch Talk supplies. Spoiler alert: she's "that guy."