Video Dispatch
POLITICS | A weekly video series covering politics and current affairs, hosted by siblings John and Molly Knefel.
Series Producers Charles Hinshaw
Executive Producer J. McVay
Recent Episodes
John Knefel explains how the United States’ lack of coordinated coronavirus response is going to prolong the pandemic and its negative effects.
John Knefel explains the failure behind attempts to deradicalize activists’ efforts to abolish the police.
John Knefel addresses the notion that police work is purely beneficial to citizens.
John Knefel shares his thoughts on why defunding the police is the only solution to ending police violence.
John Knefel comments on how the coronavirus pandemic was an opportunity for politicians, specifically Democrats, to address some of the much needed change in this country and how the opportunity has been squandered and any large scale change is unlikely.
John Knefel comments on the lack of coordination at the state and federal levels when it comes to coronavirus relief and how this will continue to be a problem in the coming months.