Kurt Baker

Kurt Baker is a singer, songwriter, and rock n’ roll performer from Portland, Maine ,who has always gone by the famous saying “Have a Good Time All the Time.” As the founding member of notable pop/punk outfit the Leftovers, he toured the world and grew into the living, breathing party machine that he is onstage today. Highly reminiscent of Elvis Costello and backed by the venerable KB Band, Baker breathes new life into the power pop genre with high energy guitars and well-crafted pop songwriting. The guys stopped by the studio to play some tunes and to chat with Travis about classic pop history, helping each other out, and — most importantly — getting girls.

Featured song: “Don’t Go Falling In Love”

Kurt Baker’s Brand New Beat is available now on CD from Collector’s Club Records and on vinyl from Jolly Ronnie Records.

Kurt Baker’s official site: http://kurtbakermusic.com/
Bandcamp: http://kurtbaker.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KurtBakerMusic
Twitter: @Kurtmiltonbaker

Upcoming tour dates:
11/9 @ The Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA
11/10 @ Empire Dine and Dance in Portland, ME
11/14 @ Precinct in Somerville, MA

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