The Two Man Gentlemen Band

The Two Man Gentlemen Band is comprised of a fine pair of showmen with the best of taste in all things food, beverage, and general good times. The Gents play retro music of the hot jazz and retro swing variety (which they deliver to recitals on the roots and americana circuit via minivan) that harkens back to decades past — pre-irony and electric instruments, and full of humor and wit. Their latest LP, Two At A Time, was recorded live to monophonic analog tape, using exclusively 1940s and 50s microphones and equipment without the use of any digital effects.

Featured song: “The Palm Springs Jump”

Two At A Time is available now from Bean-Tone Records.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist:

Official website:
Twitter: @twogentlemen

Upcoming tour dates:
9/12 @ Cafe du Nord, San Francisco
9/13 @ The Echo, Los Angeles
9/20 @ Balliceaux, Richmond
9/22 @ Watermelon Park Festival, Berryville
9/23 @ The Taphouse, Norfolk
9/25 @ The Evening Muse, Charlotte
9/28 @ Meat, Louisville

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