New York’s Higgins combine the best elements of rock ‘n’ roll and straightforward pop for music that’s full of harmonious crooning, groovy melodies, catchy hooks, and tales of lost loves and regrets. The band— who draw inspiration from acts like The Kinks, Hall & Oates and The Beatles — was founded by Kevin Fish and Brian Kantor, but, over the years, has expanded and contracted as various friends have pitched in. The current core line-up of Fish, Cantor, Billy Filo, and Josh Kaufman perform for this session.

Featured song: “Paranoid Trails”

Straight A’s, the fourth album by Higgins, is out via Serious Business Records.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://b-t-r.co/JQ2T0q

Higgins on Bandcamp: http://higginsdearhiggins.bandcamp.com

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