Originally an electronic duo from Florida, Conveyor has evolved into a Brooklyn-based quartet whose charming indie-pop features sweet harmonies, folk-inspired melodies, and bits of dazzling synth. The band — consisting of Gary Alan Busch, Jr., Michael Ryan Pedron, Evan Michael Garfield, and TJ Masters — play with various textures and moods, poppy and playful one moment, subdued and forlorn the next. Here, the band discuss the recording of their new album and perform a number of new songs.

Featured song: “Mane”

Conveyor’s self-titled debut album comes out July 17th via Paper Garden Records.
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Twitter: @therealconveyor

Upcoming tour dates:
6/15 @ The Fringe Festival in Montreal, QC
6/16 @ NXNE in Toronto, ON
6/28 @ Mercury Lounge in New York, NY

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