EULA (Halloween Special)

For our Halloween Special we invited Brooklyn three-piece EULA to the Serious Business studios. Festive and decked out in skeleton suits, the group raged through their loud, post-punk tunes, seemingly in their element in a dimly lit, cobwebbed room. Manic, amped up, and lead by frontwoman Alyse Lamb, whose vocals veer between a coaxing, calm voice and blaring, bone-chilling shrieks, EULA sound like an unbridled, and feral version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

EULA’s latest album, Maurice Narcisse, is out now.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist:

Official website for EULA:

Upcoming tour dates:
11/19 @ House party in New Brunswick, NJ
12/16 @ Cake Shop in New York, NY

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