The Milkman's Union

Originally starting as the bedroom project of singer-songwriter Henry Jamison, The Milkman’s Union has since evolved into a folk-rock trio heavily influenced by jazz and classical music, and channeling everyone from Iron & Wine to Radiohead. Based out of Portland, ME, the band weaves together complex arrangements, filled with melodies that twist and turn unexpectedly and rhythms that start and stop suddenly. Jamison leads the pack with impressive guitar-picking and his ability to use his rich, expressive voice to turn sullen stories into engaging ear-candy, mellow ballads into howling rock.

Travis says, “During their visit to NY, Portland, ME’s The Milkman’s Union spent some time backing up rising Maine star Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. I’m glad they found some time to stop and spend an evening with me.These songs are sophisticated, literate and infinitely listenable. I loved it. I need more.”

The Milkman’s Union just released a 7” entitled Texas Hold Me.

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CMJ 2011 dates:
10/20 @ Sullivan Hall in New York, NY

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