Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend

Originally from Canton, OH, multi-instrumentalist Chris Buckridge has called Brooklyn home since 2000. His sprawling music catalog features seven albums — some solo work, some with his band, the Ne’er Do Evers — full of lo-fi, psychedelic rock in the vein of staple ’90s indie rockers Guided by Voices and Dinosaur Jr. With his ability to crank up the fuzzed-out noise in a matter of seconds, turning softer, dreamy passages into distorted, jagged rock, Buckridge’s songs are often models of versatility.

Travis says, “Co-inventor of the bro stroke, Chris Buckridge knows how to party and so does his band The Last Friend, which consists of of Annie Nero on bass and Jason Bemis Lawrence on the drums. Our session was a gas. Chris is often seen on stage as a bassist (frequently with End Up Records collective Balthrop, Alabama) so as a frontman he relishes the chance to rip the crap out of his electric guitar, conjuring a charming stew of 1990s stompbox-assisted high-volume real-deal rock and roll.” His latest album, Excessive Compulsive, is out on End Up Records.

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