Les Sans Culottes

Les Sans Culottes, a vibrant band of seven, play their own catchy, fun take on pop-rock with a French twist.

Says Travis:
“I am pleased to present this session from NYC’s preeminent all French rock ensemble LES SANS CULOTTES. This combo spent long hours here with me at Serious Business in ’09 and ’10 creating their 7th album Pataphysical Grafitti.These glammy, shammy merchants of Franco-centric garage rock harbor some of finest unheralded instrumental, vocal and lyrical talents in our fair city.”

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: https://www.btrtoday.com/post/?dj=seriousmusic&post=413&blog=94&autoplay=1

Official website for Les Sans Culottes: http://www.lessansculottes.com

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