El Jezel

El Jezel have been active in the NYC/Brooklyn indie rock scene for a decade and have worked with Travis Harrison multiple times in the past, so their session for Serious Business on BTR was something of a reunion. Here, the band plays their signature brand of psychedelic rock, graced with sweet and melodic voices and their usual charm.

Says Travis:
“My old pals in El Jezel are always a pleasure to spend time with. Their lush and lean brand of New York dream-rock is always a joy to hear and to work on. In the past I would so greatly enjoy chatting ceaselessly about music, life and love with married couple George & Jess and their hilarious and lovable drummist Dan that I’d often come to the end of an intuitive mix without even realizing what I’d done, for better or for worse. For this date, they brought some new songs, an old favorite and an instrumental piece they performed with members of Quiet Loudly on keyboard, second guitar and Monopoly board.”

El Jezel on Bandcamp: http://eljezel.bandcamp.com

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About Serious Business on BTR:
Travis Harrison records bands for a living, so he knows how to get the best out of musicians. As the president of Serious Business, a recording studio and record label, Travis also knows the industry. Every week he invites musicians into his studio for no-holds-barred conversations where anything goes. Funny, irreverent and seriously interesting: Serious Business on BTR, Mondays on the new BreakThru Radio.

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