Baked (Presented by Exploding In Sound)

Round 2 of Exploding In Sound Records’ takeover of Serious Business on BTR continues with the most excellent Baked! Transmitting spacey, chilled-out vibes through the atmosphere, there’s a nostalgic timelessness about these tunes that can evoke the likes of the Beatles without sounding retro. There are even tasty heavy bits dropped in just at the right moments, pulling things from pop to psych, but overall it’s catchy and groovy, and we love it.

Featured song: “Don’t Trip”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Debt, the latest release from Baked, is now available from Exploding In Sound.

Baked on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @bakedtweets

Upcoming tour dates:
09/11 @ Dionysus Discotheque in Oberlin, OH

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