Krill (Presented by Exploding In Sound)

Exploding In Sound is a Brooklyn-based music blog and label, specializing in the often-guitar-heavy, 90s-leaning rock sound that we love so much at Serious Business On BTR. They cut no corners whatsoever on their promise of “delivering good rock music since 2008.” We’ve had a number of EIS-connected bands in for sessions in the past, so we thought we’d make our love real and invited them to do a little takeover for the next few weeks!

For the second installment of the series we welcomed Krill, the Massachusetts-based band who just about everybody and their mother has told us that we ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BOOK. You know what? They were right. This fierce, charming, hooky trio crank out the jams in the most delicious of ways. Check it out and get into the Krill action!

Featured song:“Unbounded Nameless Future”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Krill’s latest release, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears, is now available from Exploding In Sound.

Krill on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @krilliamhmacy

Official website for Exploding In Sound Records:
Twitter: @EISRecords

Upcoming Tour Dates:
05/21 @ Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY

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