Mount Sharp

Mount Sharp is a band proudly hailing from the toxic-post-industrial-superfund neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn. With songs about science, monsters, and bad decisions, this space-obsessed gang of noisy nerds is gearing up to share their debut EP, full of fuzzy, raw indie rock. The band, which features a few faces familiar to the BTR team, shared some new jams and sat down to nerd out over Game of Thrones with Travis and talk about their upcoming record and NYC residency shows.

Featured song: “Crazy Eyes”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Mount Sharp’s debut EP, Hello Mount Sharp, is now available.

Official website for Mount Sharp:
Twitter: @HelloMountSharp

Upcoming tour dates:
05/06 @ Pianos in New York, NY
05/13 @ Pianos in New York, NY
05/20 @ Pianos in New York, NY
05/27 @ Pianos in New York, NY

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