Vulture Shit

Vulture Shit says that what they make is “Music for people who live in basements, by people who live in basements.” Their drums + bass (but no guitar) sound feels like punk rock in its purest form, pressure cooked inside a computer and spit back out with extra sludge. Here, they play some music in the studio and chat with Travis about their unexpected URL and desire for their own 1-800 number.

Featured song: “Area Dads”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Vulture Shit’s latest release, The Joys Of Employment, is now available.

Vulture Shit on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @VultureShit

Upcoming Tour Dates:
04/15 @ The Grand Victory in Brooklyn, NY
04/23 @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY
04/24 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY
05/04 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY
05/09 @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY
05/31 @ The Gutter in New York, NY
06/13 @ Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY

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