Sharkmuffin has the kind of name that demands attention. Ferocious and deadly as a shark, while sweet like a muffin could be the implied meaning — and since this Brooklyn garage-pop band is comprised of three badass ladies, it definitely works. We’re leaning a bit more on the shark side of things here, because Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch, and Janet LaBelle definitely mean business. With song matter leaning towards the dark and heavy side (incest, mythical bestiality, and homicidal heroin using fembots) and music that tears 70s rock riffs through 90s alt-rock noise, all under the guise of garage rock, maybe the name is there to remind us that there’s still something sweet behind all of that mayhem. Or maybe all we should take from it is what the band says themselves, “Sharkmuffin doesn’t really give a fuck, they just want to have a good time.”

Featured song: “First Date”

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1097, the latest release by Sharkmuffin, is now available.

Official website for Sharkmuffin:
Twitter: @Sharkmuffin

Upcoming tour dates:
03/15 @ The Upper Decks in Austin, TX
04/26 @ The Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ

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