Fins (presented by Gimme Tinnitus)

GIMME TINNITUS is a Brooklyn-based music/MP3 blog run by a dedicated music enthusiast by the name of Bob Reich. We love his constant curation of killer shows, sick playlists, and undying advocacy for spending your hard-earned cash to support the bands he loves. He tends to go for the loud, abrasive, unconventional, and downright obscure-as-hell music that we can’t get enough of on Serious Business On BTR. For the third installment of the four-part GIMME TINNITUS X SB On BTR Takeover, we’re featuring FINS.

FINS is a Connecticut trio whose urgent, heavy, throaty rock pummels earholes in the best way possible. They’ve got the post-punk pulse down, and can thrash with the best of them. We’re starting to think that between CT and MA, New England is having a serious rock renaissance, with bands like FINS, Ovlov, Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green, etc. mining similar 90s-esque grunge territory and delivering seriously tasty doses of noise.

Featured song: “Frontier”

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FINS latest release, FINS, is available now.

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