ENCORE: Marijuana Deathsquads

Minneapolis noise band Marijuana Deathsquads is the ever-evolving, experimental project lead by Ryan Olson, (here he’s the pixelated member, and producer/writer of POLICA and GAYNGS), Isaac Gale (whose videos for Bon Iver, Polica, P.O.S., and On An On you’ve probably seen), and Stefon Alexander (P.O.S), and supported by multiple drummers and other performers contributing synths, vocals, and miscellaneous sounds to the sonic chaos. For this session, the group was in a stripped-down four piece format (they had the minimum 2 drummers and without Stef there, Isaac handled all vocal duties). Live, they’ve had as many as 7 drummers behind the twisted, effected vocals and electronics, making for a total sensory overload of percussive insanity enveloping their impossibly tight, maniacal, intricate experimental sound. From Marijuana Deathsquads’ explosive energy to its members’ work in other bands and in their hometown music and art scenes, there’s a seemingly endless supply of creative power here to love.

Featured song: “Ewok Sadness”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1brWogj

The latest release by Marijuana Deathsquads, Oh My Sexy Lord, is available now from Totally Gross National Product.

Official website for Marijuana Deathsquads: http://marijuanadeathsquads.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mrjna.dthsqds
Twitter: @M_Deathsquads

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