The Library Is On Fire

The Library is on Fire is the American indie rock trio of Steve Five, Pete Sustarsic, and Travis Tonn. Formed in 2007 and reportedly born out of a manifesto by the same name as the band and written by Five, these guys can be found rockin’ out at a beach or loft party when they’re not holed up in their loft, putting the finishing touches on their 4-track-recorded album. Appropriately, there are Guided By Voices connections all over their work, as it’s no secret that the lo-fi indie rock legends have been a huge influence. They stopped by to tear through a few tunes and to extend formal invitations to some of their heroes to crash on the couch.

Featured song: “Fly On The Painting” and “Labyrinths of February”

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Works On Paper by The Library Is On Fire is now available.

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