Steel Phantoms

Steel Phantoms return to the studio for a second round of Serious Business On BTR! Now in ultra-compact duo form, Aaron Harris (former drummer for Montreal band Islands) and Jesse Newkirk (guitar wizard and notorious nice guy) continue to blast out catchy punk-ish pop gems. Critical acclaim, a killer live reputation, and a growing list of high-profile gigs keep the band riding high after the recent release of their self-titled EP. The guys sat down with Travis to share their secrets for getting a full band sound out of a duo while avoiding the easy way out (aka noise or blues rock).

Featured song: “Matt LeBlanc”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Steel Phantoms’ eponymous EP is now available.

Official website for Steel Phantoms:
Twitter: @steelphantoms

Upcoming Tour Dates:
08/27 @ Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, New York

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