Crazy Pills

Crazy Pills is the ever-evolving rock n’ roll outlet of NYC musician, Amanda B. (aka “Tha Kitten”). Here, she fronts a rip-roarin’ trio (with members of pow wow! and Clouder), blazing through catchy tunes with equal parts garage, punk, and soul. The band stopped by the studio to play some tunes, talk about their upcoming album, and to give Travis a chance to present a challenge to David Letterman and to make a very special announcement for his internet viewers.

Featured song: “Break It Down”

Complete broadcast and radio playlist:

Crazy Pills’ debut album, Restless, is scheduled for release this July. They’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help with the release:

Crazy Pills on Tumblr:
Twitter: @crazypillsband

Upcoming tour dates:
06/29 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn, NY

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