Dead Stars

Brooklyn trio Dead Stars make self-described nerd grunge, which turns out to be the perfect description of their sound. Jangly and fuzzy in all the right places, with hooks reminiscent of everything catchy from Weezer, Pavement, and Superchunk as well as the rumbling rock of Hum or Archers Of Loaf. The list could go on — just take a look at that book of favorite CDs from the 90s to get an idea, as our suspicion is these guys had very similar musical upbringings to most who grew up in the ‘burbs. This is straight up, no-frills, rock music — the sort that was once called “alternative” before it morphed into mainstream rock and then disappeared from the airwaves altogether. And Dead Stars ably give it new life.

Featured song: “Waste Away”

Dead Stars’ High Gain EP is out 6/4 on Uninhabitable Mansions

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Twitter: @deadstarsmusic

Upcoming Tour Dates:
06/07 @ Grand Victory
06/15 @ Northside Festival

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