Royal Baby

The world’s media was in a frenzy this week over the arrival of the British royal baby. Tuesday’s first glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the newborn, named George Alexander Louis, was the culmination of many weeks of global anticipation. Meanwhile, the birth of the boy has, for many, seemed to stir up memories of the beloved Princess Diana, whom Kate is so often measured against, and whose efforts to raise her sons, were often considered part of a trend to balance modernity with the traditions of the royal family — an issue William and Kate now face themselves. BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker spoke with people in New York, including at the British owned and operated Tea & Sympathy, about the royal family, in light of the birth.

Featured song: “Standard Error” by Orcas

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Performance100, and tsaiproject, Carmen Rodriguez. Additional video via Max Van Kleek

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