"Spinning Gold" by Parlor Walls

It’s been a few years since last we saw Parlor Walls here at BTR Live Studio. In that time, the band has trimmed back to a duo (guitarist/vocalist/force of nature Alyse Lamb and drummer/magician/synth dark lord Chris Mulligan), focusing their awesome power on a seething, pulsating, and even more stunning sort of post-punk/art rock. The band dropped by Serious Business Music ahead of the release of their latest record for an intense session. Watch this one closely.

Heavy Tongue by Parlor Walls is available now from Famous Swords.

Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.

ProducerBryan Bruchman
Director of Photography/EditorCharles Hinshaw
Assistant CameraJeanette D. Moses
Recording EngineerTravis Harrison