"Jump Off" by True Dreams

Brooklyn-based duo True Dreams are a wickedly fun and raw tag team of “cheerleader punx” songwriters who go right for the throat with their snotty anthems. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of their gimmicky onstage patty cake (it’s awesome tho) – they absolutely mean business and will FUCK YOU UP. They’re sloppy and fun and silly and totally serious and if you disagree, well, whatever. Angela Carlucci plays guitar and sings, and Hannah Nichols plays drums and sings, and we were so psyched to have them join us at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn for this super fun session.

No. 1 is out now from King Pizza Records.

Check out the video for True Dreams’ “Fucked Up World” and listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.

ProducerBryan Bruchman
Director of Photography/Editor Charles Hinshaw
Assistant CameraJeanette D. Moses
Recording EngineerTravis Harrison