“Passion” by Kino Kimino

Kim Talon is the force behind the project known as Kino Kimino. While a connection to Sonic Youth certainly doesn’t hurt,* it’s truly Talon’s powerful performance style and intriguing delivery — wavering between cute/playful and artfully obtuse — paired with a familiar no wave-originated roil, that drives things here. With a band rounded out by some of the Brooklyn scene’s most ferociously talented women, Kino Kimino is a force of nature, and we look forward to seeing what’s in the works as they creep towards the next record, due some time in the near future.

* Not only was Kino Kimino’s album recorded at Sonic Youth’s studio, but members of the latter appear on the release.

Bait Is For Sissies is available now.

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ProducerBryan Bruchman
Director of Photography/EditorJames McCormick
Assistant CameraJeanette D. Moses