"Park" by Radiation City

Lizzy Ellison, Cameron Spies, Matt Rafferty and Randy Bemrose make up Portland foursome Radiation City. A group of genre-bending maestros, Radiation City marry together the dreaminess of indie-pop and the fog of lo-fi with just a hint of ‘60s doo-wop. As these different tones blend into one song, as here with “Park,” the result is a hazy, soulful, yet rousing sing-along, starring Spies’ edgy yelps and Ellison’s background crooning. Their music’s contrasting elements are refreshing and imaginative, and the fact that they all come together smoothly, make it immediately memorable.

Radiation City’s full-length debut, The Hands That Take You, is out on Tender Loving Empire.

Complete radio broadcast and playlist: http://bit.ly/panVQ7

Official website: http://radiationcity.muxtape.com/

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