“Don’t Ever Fade Away” by Total Slacker

Total Slacker is, according to their own description, a slimegaze band from Brooklyn. Comprised of Tucker Rountree, Lydia Gammill, and Mattie Siegal, the trio has gained considerable footing on the scene since the project took off in 2010. With heavy, catchy grooves and guitar-based hooks — along with some serious shredding — there’s definitely a bit of shoegaze and grunge going on, but what really stands out is the sprinkling of sparse 80s guitar throughout each song, often before a chorus shows up and kicks everything into overdrive. There’s some masterful pop songwork beneath all the musical acrobatics that shouldn’t be overlooked happening here as well. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to give us a live look at how they make it all happen.

Parallels by Total Slacker is available now.

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