"Reaction" by SAVAK

SAVAK is a Brooklyn band composed of some very experienced musicians. Having previously played in such notable groups as The Obits, Holy Fuck, Nation of Ulysses, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and The Cops, the members of SAVAK collectively and unsurprisingly possess a deeper knowledge of music, more time in the punk trenches, and a more mature sound than the average band that’s only been together since 2015. The jerky rhythms of post-punk and the jangle of 80s college/early alternative rock blend perfectly with psychedelic swirls and hooky rock riffs under the shared guitar/vocal duties of Michael “Jaws” Jaworski and Sohrab Habibion. The band officially consists of six members, but has been known to expand on record and at some live shows, while we lured a quartet version to Serious Business Music to see what they’ve got going on… spoiler: it’s a lot, and it’s really, really good!

SAVAK’s debut LP, Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors, is available now.

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