Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit began as a sort of side project for Austin’s Sabrina Ellis. Launched as a more country and soul-inspired singer-songwriter outlet to balance the wild, punk side of her musical life in the band A Giant Dog, the project quickly changed course, as her AGD bandmate Andrew Cashen joined, and the duo recruited more players to fill out their new songs. Now, a full on wild party of sound onstage — not to mention, buzzy as hell thanks to praise from Austin heroes Spoon — Sweet Spirit is dominating their local scene and getting attention nationwide. They reigned the chaos in just enough to rock out for this session at Serious Business Music in DUMBO in the midst of a stop in town for the annual CMJ Music Marathon.

Featured song: “Someone Like You” // Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview

Sweet Spirit’s debut LP Cokomo is available now on Nine Mile Records.

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