Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is a New York-based art rock sextet. The band uses familiar musical ideas (think Velvet Underground, Pavement, Wire) in tandem with improvisation, sociopolitical commentary, performance, text, disruption, and assorted experimentation to arrive at their own distinct creations. Their latest release arrives in the form of a 33 1/3 lyric and art book, accompanied by a download code for 33 songs — which are, unsurprisingly, overwhelmingly good. There’s a freedom and playfulness in what they’re doing that underlies the very plainly stated truths of so many of their songs — which, again, are really, really good.

Featured song: “Cultural Consumer III” // Listen to the audio podcast with more music and interview.

Bodega Bay’s new 33-track album and book, OUR BRAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE, is available now.

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