Zydeco Radio at the BTRhouse in Austin, TX

Zydeco Radio is a fresh, young zydeco jam band led by Billy Mack (McDonald) on accordion and vocals and based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Here, Billy and guitarist Bob Brahan are joined by talented pinch-hitters: Lane Mack on guitar, who happens to be Billy’s brother as well as a talented songwriter in his own right; and Hunter Romero, who is the Macks’ cousin, on washboard. The group didn’t miss a beat and kept the music hot in the backyard of the BTRhouse in Austin during SXSW!

Featured song: “Hot Tamale Baby”

Special thanks to Southern Tier Brewing Company for sponsoring the BTRhouse sessions.

Listen to the audio podcast with more music and interview: http://b-t-r.co/1NyvrwF

Zydeco Radio on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ZydecoRadioOfficial

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