Invisible Familiars

Jared Samuels and his collective of musical conspirators, aka Invisible Familiars, seems to be almost too good to believe. Distilling elements of every corner of rock radio through some hazy modern filter with careful production and spot-on flourishes. Samuels’ background playing with the likes of Martha Wainwright, Sharon Jones, Cibo Matto, and Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger makes a lot of sense, pulling it all together into some vaguely Beck-ish territory with funk and folk hits, pulled together with 60s rock hooks. Here, the band drops by Let Em In Music in Gowanus, Brooklyn, to share masterfully performed renditions of a few songs and chat about the project.

Featured song: “Act”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Disturbing Wildlife, the latest release from Invisible Familiars is now available.

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Twitter: @inFamiliars

01/29 @ North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA

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