New Myths

New Myths is a NYC-based trio comprised of Rosie Slater (drums and vocals), Marina Ross (bass and vocals), and Brit Boras (guitar and lead vocals). Even with their conventional rock set up (drums/bass/guitar) they use clever vocal arrangements and effects to build catchy, danceable grooves behind their badass riffs. Formed in 2012, the band’s reputation has been growing quickly for such a young group, and is sure to keep going with the release of their debut full length.

Featured song: “Howl”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Give Me Noise, New Myths’ upcoming release, will be available October 14th.

Official website for New Myths:
Twitter: @weareNEWMYTHS

Upcoming tour dates:
10/17 @ Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
10/21 @ Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY

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