Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation has been stirring things up for almost 20 years now. The London-based group began as a group of friends, inspired by their parents’ diverse music collections to create their own music, full of Indian and African touches, fused with modern influences from various punk, dance, and rap genres, all coated with fast, socially-conscious lyrics. Two of the current featured members of the group, Aktav8r and Nathan Flutebox Lee, dropped by to share a special performance, and to chat a bit about the band.

Featured song: “Twisted Minds”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

The Signal And The Noise, the latest release from Asian Dub Foundation, is now available.

Official website for Asian Dub Foundation:
Twitter: @adfofficial

Upcoming tour dates:
10/24 @ Java Soundfair 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia
10/30 @ Flex in Vienna, Austria

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