You Bred Raptors?

You Bred Raptors? have a lot working in their favor to make them stand out from most other bands. What’s so special? This Astoria, Queens trio (check #1: not from Brooklyn) plays instrumental music (check #2), wears an array of bizarre masks when they perform (check #3), and has made a name for themselves by holding down a coveted spot in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program (check #4). Oh, and their instrumentation is an 8 string bass, cello, drums, and glockenspiels (checks #5–8). The result of all these unique traits is beautiful, strange, and challenging music that makes people stop, look, and listen long enough to get hooked on their prehistoric pop grooves (oh yeah, and check #9: their name is from Jurassic Park).

Featured song: “Yukon”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Grant, the new album from You Bred Raptors?, is expected out later this summer.

Official website for You Bred Raptors?:
Twitter: @youbredraptors

Upcoming tour dates:
07/25 @ Crescent And Vine in Astoria, NY
08/03 @ The Manderlay Bar at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC
08/22 @ Crescent And Vine in Astoria, NY
09/26 @ Crescent And Vine in Astoria, NY
10/24 @ Crescent And Vine in Astoria, NY
11/28 @ Crescent And Vine in Astoria, NY

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