Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly seem to have a permanent wink and smile, from their cheeky nerd-chic band name to their catchy, jangly, sci-fi-tinged pop-punk tunes. They keep the energy up and seem to alway be having fun while making music as satisfying as any favorite 90s alt/punk band and as cool and clever as the latest indie darlings.

Featured song: “Dark Rip”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1lk8L3M

We Run With Gangs, the latest release from Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, is now available.

Official website for Teen Girl Scientist Monthly: http://teengirlscimo.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/teengirlscientistmonthly
Twitter: @TeenGirlSciMo

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