TOY are an internationally-touring rock ‘n roll band currently based in London. One of the current darlings of the legendary Heavenly Recordings roster, their noise-drenched, psychedelic, shoegaze sound makes the perfect soundtrack to summer shenanigans. Thanks to the help of their friends The Horrors, this 4-year-old band got a fast start touring the world and taking on crucial, and well-deserved, critical praise.

Featured song: “As We Turn”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Join The Dots, the latest release form Toy, is now available.

Official website for Toy:
Twitter: @thebandtoy

Upcoming Tour Dates:
06/28 @ Glastonbury in Pilton, UK
07/05 @ Paris International Festival of Psychedelic Music 2014 in Paris, France
07/15 @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland
07/17 @ Roma Vintage Village in Rome, Italy
07/18 @ Zanne Festival in Catania, Italy
07/19 @ Fiera Della Musica Di Azzano in Decimo, Italy
07/25 @ Deer Shed Festival 2014 in North Yorkshire, UK
07/26 @ Redfest 2014 in Redhill, UK
07/27 @ Tramlines 2014 in Sheffield, UK
08/02 @ Standon Calling 2014 in Ware, UK
08/09 @ Beacons Festival 2014 in Skipton, UK
08/14 @ Green Man Festival 2014 in Powys, UK
08/15 @ Green Man Festival 2014 in Powys, UK
08/16 @ Green Man Festival 2014 in Powys, UK
08/17 @ Green Man Festival 2014 in Powys, UK
08/23 @ Mona Fest 2014 in Grenada, Spain

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