Thus Owls

Thus Owls is a transatlantic band centered around husband and wife duo Erika and Simon Angell. Originally an outlet for Erika’s songs in her home country of Sweden, meeting and falling in love with Simon’s music on tour ultimately led to the pair being married and living together in Montreal. Musically, their style is an experimental collage of genres, from rock to folk and pop, building lush, epic melodies with a nostalgic, almost psychedelic feel. Erika’s connection to her grandmother — largely tied to growing up in the same house she once lived in — inspired the stories, artwork, and songs on the band’s latest record.

Featured song: “How In My Bones”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Turning Rocks, the latest release by Thus Owls, is now available from Secret City Records.

Official website for Thus Owls:
Twitter: @ThusOwls

Upcoming tour dates:
05/06 @ La Péniche in Lille, France
05/07 @ Le 114 in Paris, France
05/11 @ Home Plugged in Brussels, Belgium
05/12 @ Hasenschaukel in Hamburg, Germany
07/01 @ Ottawa Jazz Festival in Ottawa, Canada
07/04 @ Impérial De Québec in Quebec City, Canada
07/11 @ SherBlues & Folk Festival in Sherbrooke, Canada

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