Oh My Goodness

Oh My Goodness is the duo of multi-instrumentalists and producers Therese Workman and Tyler Wood, originally from Maine and now based in Brooklyn, New York. Their dizzying amalgam of experimental hip hop, pop, and funk may be hard to categorize, but it’s luckily real easy to get into. Don’t mistake this for sample-heavy, chopped up beats: this duo is the real deal, mixing it up and playing live, delivering looping vibes and spitfire lyrics right in your face. They stopped by to school us on how it all happens, and to chat with Maia about who, what, and why OMG is.

Featured song: “Rogue”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/Q7gpCj

Oh My Goodness’ self-titled debut EP and remixes are now available.

Official website for Oh My Goodness: http://ohmygoodnessmusic.com
Facebook: http//facebook.com/OhMyGoodnessMusic
Twitter: @OhMyGoodnessss

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