Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior is Greg Jamie (of o’death) and Joey Weiss (of Supermonster). Friends for most of their lives, they launched this project as a way to start playing music together after a decade of not doing so. As a band, Blood Warrior is based in Portland, Maine, though Long Island, New York, plays a large part in their story. The music is haunting and gorgeous, as much about the space as the sound, with sparse acoustic guitars and bare drum beats laying the foundation for the chanting and howling confessions of a shipwrecked soul. There’s an intense softness to Blood Warrior’s music that manages to evoke catchy, memorable melodies and the band shared some of these as they work towards the release of their next album.

Featured song: “Untitled Song”

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Blood Warrior’s self-titled debut album is now available, they are currently finishing their second album.

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