Karikatura is a band based in New York City pumping out lively, body-shaking music that blends gypsy, latin, hip-hop, indie rock, afrobeat, and reggae styles into one huge, organic sonic party. Based on strong rhythms and topped with socially conscious-lyrics, bright horns, and an abundance of joy, the band, which was born on the road — conceived in South India and ultimately realized in NYC — can sound at home anywhere in the world.

Featured song: “Some Kind Of”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1f77lDx

Departures EP, the latest release from Karikatura is now available.

Official website for Karikatura: http://karikaturanyc.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Karikaturanyc
Twitter: @KarikaturaNYC

Special thanks to Ear Trumpet Labs for furnishing the Edwina microphones used to record the drums for this session.

Official website for Ear Trumpet Labs: http://eartrumpetlabs.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/eartrumpetlabs
Twitter: @EarTrumpetLabs

Upcoming tour dates:
03/08 @ World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA

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