The Can't Tells

The Can’t Tells are a trio of scrappy late twenty-somethings from Brooklyn — specifically (and alphabetically) Mike DiSanto, Blaze McKenzie, and Jonathan Smith. In 2006, the self-described music geeks came together in Boston, bonding over a shared love of especially-weird microphones (they must love the Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina microphones used in our sessions!). With a sound that careens from pleasant pop to explosive noise — often turning in an instant and catching the listener by surprise — they’re carving out a niche that seems to be right at the intersection of their influences of Elvis Costello and Mission of Burma, without mimicking either.

Featured song: “Drug Store”

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No Television, the latest release from The Can’t Tells, is now available.

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Twitter: @TheCantTells

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01/24 @ Pianos in NYC

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