Previously seen on an episode of Serious Business On BTR (where we all learned how to properly pronounce their name), Howth just couldn’t get enough and had to get back in the studio… Okay, the fact is they’ve got a whole new batch of tunes and want to get the word out about them. Even better, though, these songs are all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — no joke. Our 80s/90s nostalgia radar went off, too, but the band manages to make better thematic use of the TMNT to cover some serious and personal issues than we knew was ever possible. Take a love for those heroes in a half shell and combine it with an ability to craft ridiculously catchy, mature indie pop songs and you probably still won’t have a sense of how good Howth’s new stuff sounds until you hear it for yourself. Radical.

Featured song: “Leonardo”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

The latest album from Howth, Newkirk, is now available. New album coming soon.

Official website for Howth:
Twitter: @howthmusic

Upcoming tour dates:
10/04 @ Bowery Electric in New York, NY
10/15 @ The Rock Shop in Brooklyn, NY
10/16 @ Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY

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