Catch the outtakes from our Live Studio session with Gypsyblood, including the songs “Take Your Picture,” “Superstition” and “Inner Blood.” The Chicago band talks about their love/hate relationship and why creepy basement bars are just more fun.

For these and all the songs performed during our Live Studio session with Gypsyblood, stream and download DJ Maia’s full audio podcast:

Adam James and Kyle Victor front Gypsyblood, a band that has generated buzz (literally) for being what one blogger called “uncommonly loud.” But the band is more than just decibels, as the songs from their newly released album “Cold in the Guestway” (Sargent House) prove. Catch them live this coming May 16 in Chicago.

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Last night, as we closed shop after editing Live Studio, we found a treasure trove of amazing moments and footage that just didn’t make the cut. But we know you deserve the best, so we’re serving up seconds. We hope you saved a little room for Live Studio Scraps. Fridays on the new BreakThru Radio.

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