Emily Bell

Emily Bell is a Texas musician who belts out soulful rock n’ roll that effortlessly incorporates elements of delta blues, ’60s rock, and girl-group glam. Raised in musical theater and taught by seasoned performers, her power is clearest onstage, where she delivers what she likes to call “technicolor rock ‘n’ soul” with the help of her partner and musical companion John Evans. Gaining popularity in Austin through riveting SXSW performances and her performing-arts fests, Summer Camp! and Winter Camp!, Bell is set to continue making a name for herself in both the local and national scenes.

Featured song: “Back To The Way I Was”

Complete broadcast and radio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/13MOojJ

The latest release by Emily Bell, In Technicolor, is now available.

Official website for Emily Bell: http://emilybell.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/EmilyBellMusic
Twitter: @emilybellmusic

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