Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg, last seen in the music scene fronting his band, The Sixers, had a rough 2012. Last year saw change and hardship for his family and home, as well as the end of a decade-strong band, and now Kellogg is endeavoring on the next step in his musical evolution. Based in Southern Connecticut and drawing influence from the songwriting sensibilities of folk music and the showmanship of classic rock, he’s set out with a simple mission, in his own words: “Using words and intention in the hopes of a positive legacy for my family.” Despite his claims to have stumbled accidentally into making a living singing songs and playing guitar, it looks like that legacy is going to turn out just fine.

Featured song: “Crosses”

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Stephen Kellogg’s latest release, Blunderstone Rookery, is now available

Official website for Stephen Kellogg:
Twitter: @stephen_kellogg

Upcoming tour dates:
08/03 @ Jack’s Butterfly Bonanza in Adairsville, GA
09/11 @ Out To Lunch Concert Series in Seattle, WA
09/24 @ Borderline in London, UK
09/25 @ The Art School Union in Glasgow, UK
09/26 @ The Black Box in Belfast, UK
09/27 @ Night & Day in Manchester, UK
09/28 @ The Central in Gateshead, UK
10/09 @ Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH
10/10 @ Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI
10/11 @ Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL
10/12 @ The Demo in St. Louis, MO

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